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Inverse Logic is Recruiting

Inverse Logic the #1 raiding guild on Luclin is recruiting! Empires of Kunark is beaten and currently on farm. If you are interested in joining the fun watch Dwavlin’s video below and hear the comments of current IL members.

The great thing about Inverse Logic is that no class is ever closed. To see our current needs please click the Apply link at the top of this page or contact luclin.Dwavlin for more information.

Kor-Shar Laboratory

On March 9 2017 Inverse Logic retained the #1 spot on Luclin by beating Atrebe Sathir and in doing so completed the Empires of Kunark expansion.

The Kar'ZokEmpires of Kunark – The Kar’Zok

Ancient DragonEmpires of Kunark – Ancient Dragon

Atrebe SathirEmpires of Kunark – Atrebe Sathir

The Kar’Zok Kar’Zok’d!

*sings* Ding dong the Kar’Zok’s dead, which old Zok, the wicked Zok. Ding dong the wicked Kar’Zok’s deadddddd.

The Kar'ZokEmpires of Kunark – The Kar’Zok