Chardok Conqueror Achievement - EoK

After many years of being silent the Chardok Royals once again laid down a challenge. This time no long dungeon crawl was needed to reach them. Praetor Garont provided us with safe passage straight to their domain.

Prince Selrach Di’Zok was the first to fall to the might of IL. He tried his best to thwart us by sending his alchemist minions and by umm turning the lights off… However, it was to no avail as we marched on through him to the Queen.

Prince Selrach Di'ZokEmpires of Kunark – Prince Selrach Di’Zok

Like all EverQuest Queens, Queen Velazul Di’Zok was a challenge. She had plenty of tricks up her sleeve – there were flames, blademasters, soldiers, menders, the oh so joyful warcasters and sokokar. On seeing how the Prince’s strategy of turning the lights off wasn’t the way to go the Queen went the opposite tract. She brought down the power of the light onto us! While her challenge was strong, ultimately it was not enough to keep IL down. Queen Velazul Di’Zok fell and we continued on our march through Chardok to Atrebe’s Vault.

Queen Velazul Di'ZokEmpires of Kunark – Queen Velazul Di’Zok

Atrebe’s Vault was the final battle of Chardok. There was a bit of everything thrown at us including a shark er Lorenado and a crazy fire dervish before we were allowed to take on The Guardian of the Vault. However, like all who came before him the Guardian succumbed to the force that is Inverse Logic.

Atrebe's VaultEmpires of Kunark – Atrebe’s Vault