Inverse Logic Guild Charter

InverseLogic is a focused, mature, high end raiding guild. We have a fun, friendly guild environment while still being serious when raiding and progressing through end game content. We have a relaxed 3-4 day per week raiding schedule but with a high level of efficiency and focus (we are able to do as much in 3 days as many other guilds raiding 5-6 days). This schedule allows our members to have the time to enjoy all aspects EverQuest has to offer including raiding or group encounters on off nights and still provides the balance to have a real life outside the game.

We value friendship, loyalty, and having good times in game with our guild members. Leadership in IL is stable and committed to provide a positive online gaming experience that supports individual players and looking out for the Guild’s best interest as a whole. IL has a proven track record of longevity, stability, integrity, progression, and FUN.

Our reputation, which is one of our greatest assets, depends on all of our members. To protect that reputation, everyone in InverseLogic must conduct themselves in an ethical and respectful manner. It is important to treat others with respect not just inside but also outside of the Guild. We do not condone things such as kill stealing, camp stealing, or training. We do not allow the use of 3rd party programs and will adhere to EULA policies. Nor do we condone any action that could be a considered an exploit or taking advantage of those opportunities. Maintaining these high principles and integrity is each member’s responsibility because it is a key component to our long term success and viability as a Guild.

Loot Distribution System:

Inverse Logic uses a basic straight DKP system for earning and spending.

Raid time and rules:
Tuesdays: 8:00 pm – 12:00 am EST
Thursdays: 8:00 pm – 12:00 am EST
Sundays: 7:00 pm – 12:00 am EST

[[ Wednesdays: 8:30pm – 12:00 am EST ]] Note: Wednesdays are reinstated into or dropped from raid schedule depending on our farming needs

We do not have a minimum raiding percentage requirement for maintaining guild membership, however raids on the days specified above are mandatory if you are online and in game.  They are not mandatory if you are not online and have real life commitment.  If you’re in game you’re expected to be on time and ready to go when a raid is called.  DKP logs will be taken 15 minutes after a raid is called so being on time is very important. We understand that sometimes things will come up that will make it so you have to log during a raid, this is totally acceptable as long as you contact an officer to let them know.  Real life is and always will be > then the game.  If you’re online and for some reason can’t make it to a raid we can handle those situations on a case by case basis with an officer.

Some raids have a 54 or 36 person cap. This can be a tough issue because sometimes we go over that.  In most cases first one’s there are the ones to be in the raid. In some cases bots will be dropped for mains etc but this will happen at officer’s discretion.  Depending on the encounter and the class balance anyone “could” be asked to drop if it is to ensure the success of the raid.  Please don’t take this as a personal insult to your abilities, it is gear based or class based or just raid logistics and not anything personal.  DKP will be granted in cases when you are online and asked to drop.  Therefore it is important to be to the raid site as quick as possible and pay attention to instructions in order to secure a spot in raid.

Those that are family/non raiding members or those that do not meet class requirements will likely be asked to drop first to make room for other members.  Please use this time to level up and develop your character to help you achieve your goals to become eligible for future raids.  Note: even though applicants are not consider full members yet they are also non family/non raiding members which means they MAY potentially get in raids over full members to give us an opportunity to evaluate them in a raid setting.  You simply can’t evaluate an applicate fairly when sitting in ILWait, please be considerate of this if you are asked to wait.  We make every effort to cycle folks in during these situations to make it fair for all.

Botting on Raids:
Inverse logic does allow certain bots to raid with the guild at the Officers discretion….
The bot must be a class that is playing a needed roll in the raid and must meet class requirements to be eligible to participate in raids.

Botting is a privilege not a right, this means that you must be an efficient botter.  If the Officers view a person botting and do not believe that person is being productive and contributing to the raid to a good potential you may be asked to just play your main at raids.

Raid bots do earn and spend dkp but at significant penalties, as specified in DKP policy.  Mains have first opportunity to bid.

Keys and Flags:
Keys and Flags gained from completing raid events and raids chests are only for mains, raid bots and then alts that are in the guild.

Switching characters:
Inverse logic does (rarely) allow people to change mains if we feel that the character will benefit Inverse Logic. If you get approved to switch a main your entire main’s previous DKP is switched to your new main. However you won’t be allowed to spend the DKP on loot for 21 days.  Upon the 21st day your character will now be considered a full main and eligible for loots again.

Inverse Logic rules and regulations

As with all guild’s we still find we have to maintain a set of rules and regulations to be fair to all and guide us as we progress in game. In the following I’ll address the main rules for Inverse Logic.

All members of Inverse Logic will be held to a code of conduct related to all in game activity. Conduct in violation of Inverse Logic (IL) policy are listed below but not limited to this list:

General conduct that is in violation of ILCC…

1. Attacks or harassment of another member either verbal or written.
2. Extensive use of profanity or derogatory language either verbal or written.
3. Violating Everquest conduct rules (EULA) including, but not limited to, training, use of unapproved software, inappropriate use of public channels, etc.
4. Playing another character in another zone while attending an IL raid.
5. If you need to be away from keyboard during a raid you must put /AFK flag on at a minimum and unless a dire emergency you should notify the following; an officer, Raid Leader (RL), group, class channel.
6. Logging off at the beginning of a raid event and returning during another raid event at a later time to avoid an event.
7. Refusing to log into Teamspeak or Class Channels during raid time. Teamspeak is required for raids (you should have the ability to listen, you do not need a mic or ability to talk), Class and other appropriate channels are expected to be auto joined when you log in for raids. This is to help facilitate communication and the success of raids.
8. The use Of “Anon” is not permitted in or out of raids, role play can be used.
If you do not wish to display your guild tag proudly then you do not need the IL guild tag.
9. Discussing loot policy due to a dispute in general TS or guild chat.
10. Refusing to follow direction of a Class Leader, Raid Leader, Officer or Guild Leader.

All violations of general conduct issues are punishable by the IL penalty schedule below.

1.First violation (with no previous violations within the last 6 months) the member will get a verbal warning via /tell and get listed on the “first step” board in the officers section with the date of occurrence.  Bidding will be suspended for 10 raid hours on all gear.
2.Second violation within 6 months of a first violation, IL will require the member sit out the rest of the day’s raids and charge them 5 DKP, as well as listing them on the “probation list” in the general members section along with the date and level of occurrence.   Bidding will be suspended for 20 raid hours on all gear.
3.Third violation within 6 months of a second violation, the member will be de-guilded for 48 hours and charged 25 DKP or 25% of their total, whichever is higher, and placed on the probation list along with date/level. They will be automatically re-tagged if so desired between the 48 hr and 7 day marks. Bidding will be suspended for 20 raid hours on all gear.
4.Fourth violation within 6 months of a third violation, the member will be de-guilded for 7 days and charged 50DKP or 50% of their total, whichever is higher, and placed on the probation list in the general members section, along with the date/level of occurrence. Officer approval (3 yes votes) will be required to be re-tagged before 14 days are up, after which they will have to re-apply for membership, forfeiting all previous DKP.  Bidding will be suspended for 20 raid hours on all gear.
5.If a member is de-guilded by IL a 3rd time (Step 5), that member can reapply after 6 months and will have to re-apply for membership, forfeiting all previous DKP.

Member self-deguilding penalties are as follows:

1.First de-guilding in 6 months, a minimum 48 hr “cool-down” period will apply. Returning within 7 days you will be re-tagged automatically. Returning within 14 days with officer approval (3 yes votes), the greater of 50DKP/50% DKP penalty will be enforced. Returning after 28 days the member will have to re-apply for membership, forfeiting all previous DKP.
2.Second deguilding within 6 months of the previous one, a 7 day minimum will be required before being re-guilded with officer approval (3 yes votes), the greater of 50 DKP/50% DKP penalty will be enforced. Returning after 14 days, the member will have to re-apply for membership and forfeit all of his or her DKP.
3.Third de-guilding within 6 months of a second one, the member will have to re-apply for membership after another 6 months and forfeit all of his or her DKP.

Specific behavior or situations that are in direct violation of the Guild Charter which must be avoided and if you choose to engage in will have very STRICT penalties that are at the discretion of the Leadership that can include being deguilded without prior violation or warning include but are not limited too:

1.Being online while an IL raid is in process and choosing not to attend. (Leeway given if you are unable to attend due to flagging issues, or the raid is full.)  If IL is raiding then you are raiding.
2.Participating in and/or obtaining gear from an event that is considered current raid content during your off hours is a serious violation that can and may include your immediate termination from the guild.  If you have any question what is considered “current raid content” please clear it with the Guild Leader BEFORE you engage in the event/instance/mob.  This is not limited to only content that has lockout timers but any event that drops gear at our current raiding level.  There will be times raids we no longer actively raid are “opened up” and you can raid them at that time but not before.

Note: for the above offenses consider this your warning!

The ILCC is designed to protect the members of Inverse Logic and provide a enjoyable environment for its members, not to punish the members. The penalties are in place to avoid conduct issues. Let’s please follow the rules and respect each other and mostly enjoy the game.  Also to respect individual members privacy the penalties given to an individual will not be shared with another individual member.  Please respect that privacy and do not ask an Officer or the Guild Leader questions related to penalties given to another member, that is private information and between the member and leadership, in return we also will not share information about your violations/penalties with others.

The Guildleader has final say in all situations.


Inverse Logic Leadership