Plane of War (Raid) Defeated

With the defeat of The Brother Zek raid in the Plane of War, Inverse Logic has now successfully completed all of the raid events released during the Call of the Forsaken expansion and is the 4th guild server-wide (1st guild on Luclin-Stromm) to do so.

I personally took a 4 month break from EverQuest (late March to late July) and was not present for the introduction of Plane of War. In fact, I was not even keeping up with in-game events during said 4 month period and it was about 2 months after the zone had been released before I was made aware of it. Upon returning to the game in late July, I was delighted to discover that there was now a raid that a majority of the serverwide raiding population felt to be “overtuned” and not worth their time.

Also upon returning to the game, I found the guild’s roster of active raiders to be quite depleted from what it was upon the time of my departure four months prior. Without having any details regarding the Plane of War raid event, it was apparent that we would have to expand our roster before even considering attempting this event. Through the combined efforts of a number of dedicated members, we were able to recruit some talented players and enhance our roster to begin raiding in the Plane of War.

We started raiding The Brother Zek on Sunday, August 10. I was informed that the guild had spent less than an hour total with the encounter prior to that. While the raid is supposedly similar to the encounter with the brothers that occurred in Seeds of Destruction, a large number of our raiders (including myself) had never seen that encounter (and still haven’t). While we never dedicated an entire evening specifically to Plane of War raiding, a concentrated effort was undertaken to plan, theorize, develop, and refine the necessary strategy and raid composition we would require in order to defeat this event. I myself spent hours repeatedly revising 12+ pages of documentation dissecting this event and its mechanics.

Exactly two weeks later all of our combined hard work has paid off, and the most challenging and rewarding raid experience in Call of the Forsaken has been defeated. Is this raid “overtuned?” Absolutely not. It’s an optional raid that is not mandatory for progression. Does it favor having a higher amount of certain types of classes in the raid than others? Bigtime (and until recently, we did not have very many of some of these classes in our raids). In this raid event there is a way to deal with every mechanic, add, and ability that is used against you. Unlike most other raids in recent memory, this encounter’s consequences for not properly mitigating its mechanics can be severely punishing. Is this a repeatable kill? Definitely. Is it a perfect raid? No, it’s not. But it was a lot of fun these past 2 weeks. Challenges such as this are far too rare in gaming. This event gave people something to talk, think, and theorize about. I cannot applaud my fellow guildmates enough for their efforts on this event. In addition to hard work, it required patience and practice, two virtues that I personally value very highly in raiders.

This will likely be our final news update before the release of The Darkened Sea at the end of October. We are still looking to add a few players of select classes to our roster in the near future, but highly exceptional applicants of any class are always encouraged to apply.


IL Plane of War First Win

Inverse Logic – the Strategic Tacticians

Call of the Forsaken – Tier 2 Defeated

July saw the release of the final two raids in the Call of the Forsaken expansion. As always Inverse Logic was primed to take up the challenge of these new events.

The two raid expeditions ‘Burn Out’ and ‘The Journey Home’ were beaten on our very first night of entering them! Amazing teamwork, effort and determination to win solidified Inverse Logic’s #1 spot on Luclin.

Inverse Logic is a three day a week raiding guild. We are always looking to expand our membership. Click the ‘Apply’ button at the top of the page to find out who to contact to get help with submitting your application.


Argin-Hiz – Burn Out


Void H picture 1

Void H picture 2
The Void (H) – The Journey Home

Tower of Rot Defeated

The release of Call of the Forsaken Tier 2 brought a new zone and a new raid.  Tower of Rot became available for adventurers to explore with the Raid Expedition: Lord Kyle Bayle set to test teamwork skills to the max.

On Sunday June 22, 2014 Inverse Logic defeated Lord Kyle Bayle, aka Cow Bell, and his legion maintaining our number 1 spot on Luclin.  The raid had four distinct stages to it, each requiring their own strategy.  After many attempts and a huge teamwork effort there was great joy and rejoicing to be had when Lord Kyle Bayle took his last breath.


Shruella EQ000176


Tower of Rot

Tower of Rot – Lord Kyle Bayle